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How reliable are your samples?

Have you ever been in a situation where you prepared every necessary reagent for your experiment in the proper way, diligently performed every protocol step, and still ended up with background signals or even no signals in your gels, plots and blots? Have you conducted the experiment again while troubleshooting various components, but never found an answer? Wait – did you… Read article →


Digital DNA and RNA sequencing technology – recent advances in QIAGEN’s QIAseq portfolio

Trained as a scientist with years of hands-on experience working in labs, I am always fascinated by advances in new technology and curious about their applications in various research fields. Next-generation sequencing is especially interesting, not only because of its unprecedented sensitivity, high-throughput capacity and the wealth of data it generates, but also due to its… Read article →


Revealing the etiology of an avian disease

Runting-stunting syndrome (RSS), also known as malabsorption syndrome, is an infectious poultry disease affecting the intestinal tract of broilers at a very young age. RSS leads to retarded growth, feathering abnormality, diarrhea and other enteric problems, resulting in significant economic losses in the poultry industry. A number of studies have implicated RNA and DNA viruses as… Read article →