What can functional and dysfunctional telomeres teach us about the DNA damage response?

Genome integrity – it’s a delicate balance. Without a certain amount of instability, evolution would be impossible. But tilt too far away from integrity maintenance, and you get cancer-causing mutations and more. Recent research has investigated telomeres and the DNA damage response to find solutions to cancer, aging, and other conditions related to DNA damage… Read article →


New video: Detecting copy number variations from single cells

Chromosomal alterations known as copy number variations (CNVs) are known to account for a number of observed phenotypic variations and susceptibility towards various diseases. Recent advances in genomic technologies have significantly improved our understanding of the changes occurring at the genetic level as a result of CNVs, especially in dreadful diseases such as cancer. Recently,… Read article →

single cell analysis slideshare

8 new resources on single cell analysis in SlideShare!

Single cell analysis is a rapidly evolving field and QIAGEN is keeping pace with the recent advances. In fact, we’ve just launched a new single cell isolation system that lets you isolate any single cell of your choice. Not only can you isolate your cell, you can also perform clonal expansion under sterile conditions. How does this… Read article →