Testing: one, two, three


Every journey starts with the same questions. What is our goal? How do we prepare? How do we get there? For us, the journey starts with a biological sample, which contains biomarkers that can unlock critical information about the presence and progression of disease. In short, we help turn raw biology into actionable insights to benefit medical research.

It is hard to imagine today’s world without information technology. Within a few years, the molecular biology underlying liquid biopsy, the use of biofluids for noninvasive testing, is likely to be regarded as similarly important. Even now, the latest technologies designed to discover molecular biomarkers from biological samples such as blood and cerebrospinal fluid, are affecting how we approach the development of tests and therapies for a myriad of conditions.

The topics in this blog will cover planning, equipment and developments in circulating biomarker identification research and liquid biomarker developments. We’ll talk about:

– Translational scientists identifying new biomarkers for detecting disease and monitoring therapeutic efficacy

– The discovery that exosomes facilitate intercellular communication through molecules and nucleic acids, acting like genomic messengers

– Scientists using these technologies to deepen our understanding of the building blocks of life as a basis for further progress

This blog is for you – the thought leaders and experimental practitioners who drive the liquid biopsy revolution. We want to challenge you and expand your thinking into the world of science and medical research. Wherever your passion for answers takes you, the pursuit often begins with a blood sample. The deepest mysteries of disease and other biological processes – the answers you seek – are encoded in the building blocks of life, DNA and RNA, and are waiting to be discovered in blood and biofluids.

Looking to get involved, share feedback or have more articles on a particular facet of liquid biopsy research? Send us a message by emailing BRCsupport@qiagen.com; we’d love to hear from you!

Abhishek Sharma, Msc., MBA

Senior Global Market Manager, Discovery Sciences

Abhishek Sharma trained as a biochemist and has hands-on experience in nucleic acid and protein purification, tissue culturing and recombinant DNA technology. Previously, he was as a market analyst on emerging technologies in life science research. Sharma also worked in a USA-based healthcare consultancy on the discovery, development and commercialization of new disease treatments across multiple therapeutic areas. Currently, he’s involved with managing QIAGEN’s sample preparation portfolio, specializing in RNA technologies.

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