Infographic on NGS clinical research milestones


DNA mutations have been implicated in several diseases, particularly cancer, and NGS presents an ideal technology to efficiently profile the multitude of mutations in a high-throughput manner. In 2001 the first draft of human genome was published. Since then many major milestones have been achieved. Do you know when PIK3CA mutations were identified in colon cancer? When was Olaparib approved for ovarian cancer treatment? The infographic traces the major clinical research milestones achieved starting from 2001 to today. Find out about the history of NGS clinical research milestones today.

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Raed Samara

Raed Samara, PhD is a Global Product Manager for NGS technologies at QIAGEN, with a focus on pre-analytics and targeted enrichment. Prior to joining QIAGEN, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the National Cancer Institute conducting research in the field of cancer immunology with emphasis on identifying strategies to boost the efficacy of cancer vaccines. He received his Ph.D. degree from Georgetown University in tumor biology.

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