Infographic: Achieve improved variant detection in single cell sequencing


High sequencing depth may increase the sensitivity of variant detection for bulk samples, but it has not proven appropriate for single cell sequencing. What’s more, it makes whole genome sequencing prohibitively expensive.

For variant detection in rare cells, such as circulating tumor cells, Zhang et al. recently presented a brilliant way to overcome these challenges: low depth sequencing of multiple single cells and census-based variant detection. For your convenience, we’ve summarized the concept in a new infographic.

Check out the infographic on Slideshare! 

Zhang, C.-Z. et al. (2015) Calibrating genomic and allelic coverage bias in single-cell sequencing, Nat. Comm. 6, 6822. (link)

Mary von Langsdorff

Mary von Langsdorff is a Senior Market Manager at QIAGEN, specializing in single-cell analysis technologies and workflows. She has been with QIAGEN since 1991, and received her education in biology and economics at the University of Heidelberg and the University of Hagen.

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