Infographic: 5 tips for better qRT-PCR results


Market research shows that 66.6% of researchers use qRT-PCR for gene expression profiling. The popularity of this technique speaks to its effectiveness for detecting messenger RNA levels, but qRT-PCR can still be prone to pitfalls that sometimes lead to disappointing results.

To help you improve your experiments, we’ve made a new infographic with interesting facts about qRT-PCR and 5 key tips to help with your gene expression studies. We cover everything from experimental design through data analysis. Check out the infographic on Slideshare to give your results a boost!

Kjell Kirschbaum

Kjell Kirschbaum, M.Sc., Global Market Manager in the Discovery Sciences, trained as a bioveterinary scientist at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. He has hands-on experience in nucleic acid and protein purification, cell culture, PCR and qPCR technology. Kjell joined QIAGEN in 2011 as a telemarketing specialist, regularly interacting with customers about their day-to-day experimental needs and offering relevant solutions. Currently, he is involved in managing global projects for sample preparation and assay technologies.

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