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We’ve made it easy for you to download our newest webinar presentations, protocols and infographics covering NGS and single cell analysis topics. Our Slideshare is your key for accessing tools to enhance your research. We are always adding new slide decks, so be sure to follow us so that you stay up to date!

Here’s a selection of our most popular content:

NGS clinical milestones infographic

Are you curious about the history of NGS clinical research milestones? Our latest infographic traces the major achievements starting from 2001 to today.

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New single cell infographic

Want to learn how to overcome challenges of variant detection in single cell sequencing? This infographic tells you how!

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PCR-free protocol for RNA libraries

Learn how to generate high-quality RNA-Seq libraries from a single cell with this streamlined, PCR-free protocol.

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Video: Single cell analysis webinar

What can you do from a single cell? Actually quite a lot! This webinar recording provides an overview of single cell analysis – from Sample to Insight.

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Spotlight on REPLI-g products

Our single cell products enable new findings in immunology, metagenomics and more. Find out which products are best for you!

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