The Bioscientist Webinar Festival – a pool of educational content


Here at QIAGEN, one of our main aims is to provide you with excellent, actionable resources that will support you in your research and experiments. As a result, we create content on a regular basis that can help you gain insights into important topics of scientific and specialized interest.

As part of this ongoing effort, we have recently begun to collaborate with “The Bioscientist’s Webinar Festival” from Bitesize Bio. Here you can find live webinars and archived webinar presentations that provide hands-on, experience-based educational information that will benefit you at the bench and beyond.

We at QIAGEN are sponsoring a series of webinars in the webinar festival – in which scientists from around the globe will be providing their advice, experiences and tips on exciting topics such as:

Many additional topics will also be presented. Here you can view a complete listing of all webinars that QIAGEN has sponsored in The Bioscientist’s Webinar Festival.

I would highly recommend that you check out Bitesize Bio’s upcoming and on-demand webinars and share this with your colleagues and friends.

Abhishek Sharma, Msc., MBA

Senior Global Market Manager, Discovery Sciences

Abhishek Sharma trained as a biochemist and has hands-on experience in nucleic acid and protein purification, tissue culturing and recombinant DNA technology. Previously, he was as a market analyst on emerging technologies in life science research. Sharma also worked in a USA-based healthcare consultancy on the discovery, development and commercialization of new disease treatments across multiple therapeutic areas. Currently, he’s involved with managing QIAGEN’s sample preparation portfolio, specializing in RNA technologies.

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