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Ever since I stepped into the lab, it became evident to me that sample purification holds vital importance, significantly contributing to the success of one’s research. The process of nucleic acid extraction and purification was once considered to be complicated, time-consuming, labor-intensive and limited, in terms of overall throughput. With today’s introduction of unique purification chemistries, spin-columns and protocols – this process has been made simpler and cleaner by QIAGEN, the pioneers in the field.

Our understanding of genetic material has substantially increased since the first DNA extraction was performed in the mid-1800s. Manual methods have certainly come a long way since then, with various kits now being offered commercially. Despite the convenience of these commercial kits, however, there has still remained a demand for increased throughput, yield, purity, reproducibility and speed – while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

By combining laboratory robotics, intelligent technologies and QIAGEN’s proprietary purification chemistries, QIAGEN has met the needs of these increased demands through its innovative automated sample prep solution called the QIAcube. This revolutionary instrument offers seamless integration into any workflow and assures carefree spin-column processing of nucleic acids and proteins. The ability to walk away from the workbench while the QIAcube works for you gives you more time to focus on other important research ideas and advance your laboratory’s productivity.

With over 40 QIAGEN spin-column kits and more than 100 automated protocols, the QIAcube still works on the same simple principles of lyse, bind, wash and elute. The system is designed for low-to-medium sample throughput, up to 12 samples per run. A range of various starting materials may be used.

Outside of the scientific realm, nucleic acid purification (particularly DNA purification) is also fundamental to forensic testing. Hence, an instrument that can rapidly extract and purify high-quality nucleic acids from a variety of tissues is indispensable for more than one purpose.

Whether you have forensic or proteomics applications – or whether you are performing genotyping, gene expression and sequencing studies – I strongly recommend keeping a QIAcube in your lab. Follow our QIAcube story here and learn why our customers also rave about “George,” their new lab companion.

You can also watch our QIAcube videos, play around with the virtual demo tool or request a demo today. Find out how life in the lab just got easier once you let the QIAcube take care of your sample prep!

Kurchi Bhattacharya

Kurchi Bhattacharya, Ph.D. is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at QIAGEN, and is responsible for creating compelling content for multichannel marketing campaigns, product launches, and events, with a particular focus on human ID and forensics. Before joining QIAGEN in 2016, she has had a pan-continental scientific research experience during her undergraduate and graduate studies. In 2015, she received her Ph.D. from the University of Cologne, Germany, specializing in molecular biology and biochemistry. After that, Kurchi continued working as a postdoctoral researcher at the same university and in parallel started acquiring skills in the field of science communication.

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