100+ scientific uploads to QIAGEN SlideShare!


The QIAGEN SlideShare channel has hit an important milestone!

We have uploaded 100+ pieces of scientific content for your viewing and downloading pleasure! We would like to sincerely thank all the scientists, researchers, SlideShare followers and curious minds who have supported the site this year. We will continue to add more compelling and useful content for your scientific cravings!

Curious about what scientists are reading on QIAGEN SlideShare?

We have compiled this blog to illustrate the most popular uploads on SlideShare this year. Let’s get started and get to the content!


Alzheimers_Disease_700x200Most popular slide deck

SlideShare is the “YouTube®” of slides, so it’s no surprise that slide decks are heavily visited and downloaded on this channel. The most popular slide deck this year is: Circulating Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease! This is the third installment of the very successful Neurodegenerative Disorders webinar series. It explores the role of microRNAs in Alzheimer’s disease and the progression of biomarker discovery.

Care to view the webinar slides from the beginning?
Part 1: Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration
Part 2: The Central Roles of Non-coding RNAs in Neurodegenerative Disorders


Microbiome_Immunity_700x200Most viewed document

The QIAGEN SlideShare channel also contains documents: protocols, application notes, flyers and scientific posters. The scientific poster Detection and Surveillance of Antibiotic Resistance Genes from Food and Fertilizer Sources Using qPCR Technology is the most popular document on the channel. It addresses the importance of resistance genes in food.

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MICROBIOME_VirtualBooth_700x200Virtual tradeshow presentations

Virtual tradeshows are gaining popularity due to their considerably lower costs and workload compared to traditional tradeshows. The Microbial Pathogenesis and Host Immune Response Virtual Show was very popular and even has a corresponding streaming movie in the presentation.


 NGSclinical_Infographic_700x200Most downloaded infographic

The Next-Generation Sequencing Clinical Research Milestones Infographic is the most viewed piece of content on the entire QIAGEN SlideShare channel. Infographics are a great way to communicate complex information quickly. The graphics help your brain remember and comprehend the data more effectively. This infographic is mobile-friendly, so you can view it in the lab while waiting for your NGS run. Check out more infographics!


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Ken Mattiuz

Ken Mattiuz is a Multimedia Design Marketing Manager for the Demand Generation Team and joined QIAGEN in 2009. Ken has 15 years of biotech marketing experience in the Life Science Research area. The 3D biological imagery on this blog site and on the QIAGEN website is most likely Ken’s handiwork. He attended the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and received a BS in Architecture and Environmental Design.


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