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Over the years, we’ve offered a lot of presentations, and one of the most consistently well-attended is the Introduction to qPCR (view the recording). That’s no surprise – qPCR remains one of the most widely-used techniques for gene expression analysis, offering wide dynamic range, great sensitivity and specificity, and accessibility for most researchers. Now, as a validation tool for RNA-sequencing experiments, qPCR is as important as ever.

QIAGEN’s expertise in qPCR technology has led us to expand our line of tools that researchers need to successfully execute qPCR experiments, from total RNA isolation through data interpretation. Our isolation kits purify total RNA >18 nt from cells, tissues, biofluids, FFPE samples and exosomes, enabling you to capture both coding RNA and noncoding regulatory RNAs for a total picture of gene expression and regulation in your system. Our qPCR arrays for mRNA, microRNA and lncRNA follow the 3 Cs of experimental success – content, controls and customization – for maximum flexibility and reliability. Finally, our data analysis and interpretation tools ensure that you attain meaningful, actionable insights for your next steps.

Want to know more? Download our new guide! It’s packed with everything you need to know, from plate and control schematics and descriptions to convenient guides for which species are available in which pathways, as well as workflow graphics, application data and guides to how to customize and modify your arrays.

Get your copy of the guide today!

Ali Bierly

Ali Bierly, PhD is a Global Market Manager in Translational Sciences at QIAGEN, and has written on a number of scientific topics in the biotech industry as the author of QIAGEN's Reviews Online. She received her PhD from Cornell University in 2009, studying the immune response to a protozoan parasite, Toxoplasma gondii. Ali has a keen interest in the emerging importance of microRNA and other circulating nucleic acids as biomarkers for disease.

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