The reproducibility crisis: what can we do?

Quality control PCRD

There’s a growing trend of irreproducible results in biomedical research. In a previous post, Kurchi Bhattacharya reported on recent studies finding that a surprising number of scientists could not only not reproduce the results of their colleagues, but many found their own results difficult to reproduce as well. Much of the reproducibility problem likely has its roots in quality control. It’s becoming increasingly clear that if you want to know that your results are trustworthy, making quality checks along the workflow is key. QIAGEN has streamlined and automated much of the QC process to help standardize your workflows and ensure the reliability of your data.

Want to know more? Dr. Pierre-Henri Ferdinand recently gave a 2-part lecture on RNA quality control, including how to assess critical parameters and the solutions QIAGEN provides for these assessments. Download the slides today!

Part 1: RNA quality control for results you can rely on – interpret your gene expression results with confidence!

Part 2: RNA quality control – comparing different RNA quality indicators 


Ali Bierly

Ali Bierly, PhD is a Global Market Manager in Translational Sciences at QIAGEN, and has written on a number of scientific topics in the biotech industry as the author of QIAGEN's Reviews Online. She received her PhD from Cornell University in 2009, studying the immune response to a protozoan parasite, Toxoplasma gondii. Ali has a keen interest in the emerging importance of microRNA and other circulating nucleic acids as biomarkers for disease.

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