The plasmid purification journey – revisited!


In a previous post, my colleague Laura Mohr dazzled you with her QIAGEN time machine story. She took you on a ride through 30 years of our plasmid prep innovations that paved the way life science research is done globally.

Plasmid purification still continues to be a crucial starting point for research in several labs, and our kits and chemistries are indispensable tools in every researcher’s arsenal. As a complimentary add-on to your research journey, we’ve prepared a new poster of your favorite plasmid purification kits. With information on DNA yields, processing times, culture volumes and more, it’s an overview of all our dedicated plasmid preps and key technologies. Regardless of which quality grade, format or yield you’re seeking, the kit selection table in the poster will give you the product that best fits your research needs.

Once you have purified your plasmid DNA successfully, you can use it for your next big research experiment such as sequencing, PCR, protein expression, transfection and gene therapy. Download the poster and explore the possibilities today!

There’s more! You can visit our Plasmid Resource Center to view our diverse product portfolio and choose the right kits and technologies for your research quickly and easily.

Somewhere in time we will meet you again with more from the plasmid world!

Kurchi Bhattacharya

Kurchi Bhattacharya, PhD is an Associate Technical Marketing Writer at QIAGEN, and is responsible for writing compelling technical and marketing literature for QIAGEN Life Science products. Prior to joining QIAGEN, she has had a pan-continental scientific research career during her undergraduate and graduate studies. In 2015, she received her PhD degree from the University of Cologne in Germany, studying the Coronin family of cytoskeletal proteins and small Rho GTPases. Thereafter, Kurchi continued working as a postdoctoral researcher at the same University and in parallel dedicated herself to the field of scientific communication.

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