What are people saying about the QIAscout?


We’ve been talking a lot about the QIAscout in the past few weeks – exploring application notes, reviewing the workflow and discussing how it can advance single-cell research in any lab. But as we all know from the popularity of review sites like Yelp, what really tips the scale for any product is whether our peers would recommend it. So, what do QIAscout early-access users have to say about the new system? After all, they’ve already been applying this new technology to their own single cell projects. To get a better idea of how researchers are using the QIAscout, we talked with a couple early-access QIAscout users about their experiences with the system.

Dr. Lajos Kemeny’s lab at the University of Szeged is one of the QIAscout early-access users. They used a functional prototype in their lab and found the efficiency of the system and cell survival rate to be very beneficial to their work:

“QIAscout turned out to be a very suitable system, allowing us to select and transfer our cell of interest with nearly 100% efficiency and survival rate for further downstream applications. The instrument has contributed greatly to our research.”

  • – Dr. Lajos Kemeny, Head of the Department of Dermatology and Allergology, University of Szeged

Another testimonial came from graduate student Christoph Ziegenhain, one of our most recent early-access customers. He mentioned how the precision of the QIAscout can help further research into single cells:

“With QIAscout, researchers will be able to control exactly which cell to spend analysis resources on, overcoming bulk averaging of cell populations and learning more about the different cell types present in biological samples.”

  • – Christoph Ziegenhain, M.Sc., Anthropology and Human Genetics

The consensus on the QIAscout so far: it has an integral part to play in furthering research, by providing an accurate and simple way to go from a sample to a single cell – paving the way for researchers to make meaningful and reliable insights downstream.

Want to learn more about getting a QIAscout of your own? Have questions about the system? Contact us at BRC.Support@qiagen.com!

Christine Davis

Christine Davis is a Global Market Manager for the liquid biopsy and NGS product portfolio. Christine joined QIAGEN in 2014 as a marketing specialist for life science research products, after working for several years in a genetic testing facility for rare hereditary disorders. She received her BS in Biology from Salisbury University in 2010 and is currently earning her MBA and MS in Bioinformatics at Hood College in Frederick, MD.

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