Meet us at the 5th annual RNA-Seq summit, San Francisco (April 25–27)


QIAGEN will join the 5th RNA-Seq Summit in San Francisco! This time we are not only showcasing our advanced RNA sequencing bioinformatics solutions, but also presenting our innovative assay technology.

Come and meet our scientists to see how QIAGEN’s RNA sequencing solutions can maximize the value of your research, empowered by Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) and QIAseq Targeted RNA Panels for gene expression profiling.

We’re also hosting a 4-hour workshop. This workshop will include in-depth coverage of the bioinformatics solutions from QIAGEN used to analyze and interpret whole transcriptome and targeted RNA sequencing results from pre-treatment mRNAs of patients with advanced metastatic melanoma, and with respect to their subsequent immunotherapy treatment outcomes. We will show how to optimize transcriptome data and will provide details on the biological signatures that determine non-responder versus responder status using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA).

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Topic: Understanding innate resistance to anti-PD-1 therapy in melanoma through transcriptomics

Date/time: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., April 25, 2017


Dr. Jean-Noel Billaud, Senior Principal Scientist – QIAGEN Bioinformatics

Dr. Samuel Rulli, Global Product Manager – QIAGEN

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We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco from April 25–27!

Wei Cao, Ph.D.

Senior Global Marketing Manager, Translational Sciences

Dr. Wei Cao joined QIAGEN in 2010 and currently leads the webinar program, presenting various topics on advanced techniques in biomedical research. She received her Ph.D. from Peking University in China in 2010, and conducted postdoctoral research at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. Before joining QIAGEN, Dr. Cao worked as a senior scientist in R&D in pharmaceutical and biotech, focusing on HIV, HCV and cancer drug discovery and development.

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