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The weather is heating up here at QIAGEN’s US offices, and so are our NGS technologies! We’ve already come out with several advances over the past year, and more is in store for the second half of 2017 – stay tuned!

This July, we held a special webinar series event showcasing a variety of aspects of NGS technology. Our wet-bench expert Matt Finley kicked things off starting on July 6 with hands-on considerations for using the QIAseq Targeted Panels. MicroRNA guru Jon Shaffer joined the fun on July 11 and 18 with a discussion of technology to drastically improve your miRNA-seq and a second presentation devoted to miRNA-seq from biofluids. On July 12 and 19, Dr. Lynne Mullen and Dr. Prakriti Mudvari walked you through QIAGEN’s powerful bioinformatics solutions. Finally, to cap off the month, our Global Product Manager for NGS technologies, Sam Rulli, presented a 5-part series delving into digital NGS technology using Unique Molecular Indices for DNA-seq, RNA-seq and miRNA-seq, as well as single-cell NGS. Find out more about each recorded webinar below!

Advice prior to starting QIAseq Targeted Panels: July 6 – Check out the recording! 

MicroRNA Sequencing Series: July 11 and 18

July 11:   Introduction to miRNA-seq using unique molecular indices and gel-free library construction – Watch
July 18:   miRNA-seq from liquid biopsy – robust detection from the lowest sample amounts – Watch

Introduction to IPA and the powerful knowledge base behind it: July 12 – Watch

Introduction to the Genomics Workbench: A preview: July 19 – Watch

Digital Sequencing and Single-Cell Applications: July 24–28 – Click on each to sign up!

July 24:   Introduction to Unique Molecular Index targeted sequencing
July 26:   Gene expression analysis using targeted RNA-seq and desktop NGS instruments
July 27:   Linking miRNA and gene expression using NGS
July 28:   Targeted DNA-seq for mutation detection
July 31:   Single-cell RNA-seq using live cells and microrafts – linking cell morphology to transcriptomics

Enjoy the recorded webinars, and if you have any questions, drop us a line at!

Ali Bierly

Ali Bierly, PhD is a Global Market Manager in Translational Sciences at QIAGEN, and has written on a number of scientific topics in the biotech industry as the author of QIAGEN's Reviews Online. She received her PhD from Cornell University in 2009, studying the immune response to a protozoan parasite, Toxoplasma gondii. Ali has a keen interest in the emerging importance of microRNA and other circulating nucleic acids as biomarkers for disease.


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