Back-to-basics – EZ1 extraction


With recent advances in technology and automation, forensic laboratories can now streamline the DNA analysis process to increase efficiency and throughput, while reducing manual manipulation. The level of automation, or throughput, is flexible, and can be structured to fit each laboratory’s needs – from platforms dedicated to a single purpose to instruments that are a one-stop-shop and do the entire process with minimal human interaction. Either way, employing robotics to carry out time-consuming and/or repetitive tasks enables a more consistent approach in DNA analysis, improves repeatability and decreases human error.

Automation provides forensic laboratories with a standardized approach to generate the highest-quality results possible. However, to achieve the best outcome possible, the DNA extraction method needs to be optimized. An enhanced isolation and purification procedure improves the overall yield and concentration of DNA recovered from casework samples, while removing PCR inhibitors in the process. This in turn improves downstream STR profiling success.

The EZ1 Advanced XL instrument, in conjunction with the EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit, is optimized for extraction and purification of genomic DNA from an assortment of routine and challenging casework samples. This innovative robotic workstation purifies nucleic acids, while minimizing sample manipulation and human error. During this hands-free process, scientists can perform other tasks in the laboratory, allowing for a more systemized and streamlined workflow.

This small workstation is fast, reliable, and utilizes pre-programmed protocol cards and unique single-use reagent cartridges. Each lot of the EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit is quality-control tested to ensure dependable product quality. Take a peek behind the QIAcurtain, into the production & manufacturing process of EZ1 cartridges – Watch now!

Discover our superior Sample to Insight automation solutions, and see how we can help you standardize your forensic workflow to achieve consistent first-class data. Download the Advanced Workflow Solutions brochure, and have confidence in your evidence!

Angela Cacioppo, MPS

Global Market Manager, Demand Generation

Angela joined QIAGEN in 2017. She received her Master's Degree in Forensic Science (biology track) from Pennsylvania State University. Before joining QIAGEN, Angela worked at The Bode Technology Group (a.k.a Bode Cellmark Forensics) as a DNA analyst, where she processed thousands of DNA samples and traveled the United States to testify as an expert witness. Afterwards, she joined LGC, where she was involved in the rollout and deployment of new and innovated technology, ParaDNA Systems, that facilitates the screening and triage of DNA samples.

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