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Determining whether you have sufficient DNA in casework samples is a key aspect in forensic processing. STR kits tend to have a narrow dynamic range making them more susceptible to quantity and quality of the sample input. In addition, PCR inhibitors can further affect the results of the sample. Therefore, it is important that your downstream quantification kits are compatible with upstream STR analysis to provide the most reliable results, especially from challenging samples.

The latest advances in our quantification chemistry, Investigator Quantiplex Pro Kit, provide rapid, robust and precise data with high sensitivity, empowering you with the right information upfront to make critical decisions about sample processing. The internal PCR control (IPC) has been improved to be more sensitive toward inhibitors and correlates with the STR results, whilst the Investigator Quantiplex Pro Kit complements the Quality Sensor (QS) seen in several of the Investigator STR kits. The innovative QS acts as an internal control for optimized, high-quality forensic workflow analysis, and gives you confidence in your evidence by providing valuable information on whether or not your sample contains sufficient intact DNA, is of poor quality (inhibited/degraded), or contains no DNA at all. Knowing what could possibly lead to unsatisfactory results upfront, saves time and resources by avoiding unsuccessful reprocessing.

Our new application note discusses a strategy for analyzing challenging bone samples, for which degradation and inhibition are typically more prevalent. Bone samples can also be tricky due to the presence of low levels of DNA, posing various problems for the analyst. The use of the
Investigator Quantiplex Pro Kit can help overcome these issues by providing an assessment of the quality of the DNA in the sample; thus allowing you to determine if the sample is degraded, inhibited or contains no DNA. Download the full application note to learn how you can maximize your workflow synergy using the Investigator Quantiplex Pro Kit in combination with our Quality Sensor STR kits, and gain confidence in your results!

Angela Cacioppo, MPS

Global Market Manager, Demand Generation

Angela joined QIAGEN in 2017. She received her Master's Degree in Forensic Science (biology track) from Pennsylvania State University. Before joining QIAGEN, Angela worked at The Bode Technology Group (a.k.a Bode Cellmark Forensics) as a DNA analyst, where she processed thousands of DNA samples and traveled the United States to testify as an expert witness. Afterwards, she joined LGC, where she was involved in the rollout and deployment of new and innovated technology, ParaDNA Systems, that facilitates the screening and triage of DNA samples.

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