Dan Heard

Dan Heard

Dan began his career in life sciences and molecular diagnostics commercial operations 20 years ago after finishing his training in pathobiology and working as a microbiologist and research specialist. His expertise in genomics brought him to QIAGEN and he is passionate about supporting customers in their mission to unlock biological insights

QIAGEN QIAseq SPE Chemistry

QIAseq and Single Primer Extension Chemistry: Redefining Amplicon-Based NGS

Targeted NGS has been widely used for the detection and confirmation of genetic changes, yet there are technical challenges that undermine precise quantification and confound analyses. Multiplex PCR and nested PCR-based library preparation approaches present primer design and specificity challenges inherent to these methods. Amplicon-based next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays offer many advantages for targeted enrichment…. Read article →

Automated Solutions: From Sample to Insight at the push of a button

Genomic analysis driven by next-generation sequencing yields a stunning amount of data that drives biological discovery and reflects a significant commitment of resources including time and funding. Automation, process safety and quality control are critical for complex laboratory operations as major challenges abound in standardizing workflows and generating highly reproducible data. In fact, a 2016… Read article →