Challenges in sharing biobanking data

As the field of biobanking expands, the ability to share data between biobanks is becoming more crucial and commonplace. Sharing data can kindle innovation by allowing for greater aggregation of information and insights. It can also create greater access around the world to samples, stimulating growth of biobanks in developing countries. However, open exchange of… Read article →


Harmonization and data linking with SAIL – enabling cross-biobank research

Researchers who wish to perform large-scale studies that integrate sample data across multiple biobanks face many challenges. Biobanks are often separated by country and by institution – creating independent, unlinked collections of information. Every biobank has its own procedures for collecting sample data, storing information, processing samples and storing samples. Regulatory procedures designed to protect… Read article →


Starting on the right foot – how to optimize RNA sample quality

RNA is one of the most important samples in molecular biology. In your lab’s personal biobank, you might extract RNA from any number of sample types, from frozen cells to FFPE tissue, and the insights you can gain from analyzing it are crucial. Messenger RNA links genes to proteins, and transcriptome profiling can reveal much about the workings… Read article →