Happy New Year from Biomarker Insights!

Our first full year reporting on the latest scientific news, tips and tricks, and new content from QIAGEN has come to an end, and we’re eagerly looking forward to what 2017 has to bring! In 2016, we touched on some of the most important stories of the year, including the Zika outbreak. In case you… Read article →

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Expert talks how to purify more DNA from challenging tissues

Mechanical and enzymatic lysis both have their drawbacks when isolating genomic DNA from solid tissue samples. While mechanical disruption tends to provide high yields from tissue samples, it does damage the nucleic acids. Enzymatic lysis, like Proteinase K digestion, allows extraction of nucleic acids without damage, but requires long incubation times and provides lower yields… Read article →


Bacteria misbehaving in space

Tougher and more virulent? Human biology presents numerous limitations when it comes to space travel. Bacteria are more adaptable, robust and resilient, and are known to thrive in even the most extreme environments. But how do they fare in space? To date, numerous bacterial experiments have been conducted in Earth’s orbit. We know that bacteria… Read article →

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What can functional and dysfunctional telomeres teach us about the DNA damage response?

Genome integrity – it’s a delicate balance. Without a certain amount of instability, evolution would be impossible. But tilt too far away from integrity maintenance, and you get cancer-causing mutations and more. Recent research has investigated telomeres and the DNA damage response to find solutions to cancer, aging, and other conditions related to DNA damage… Read article →