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What can functional and dysfunctional telomeres teach us about the DNA damage response?

Genome integrity – it’s a delicate balance. Without a certain amount of instability, evolution would be impossible. But tilt too far away from integrity maintenance, and you get cancer-causing mutations and more. Recent research has investigated telomeres and the DNA damage response to find solutions to cancer, aging, and other conditions related to DNA damage… Read article →


100+ scientific uploads to QIAGEN SlideShare!

The QIAGEN SlideShare channel has hit an important milestone! We have uploaded 100+ pieces of scientific content for your viewing and downloading pleasure! We would like to sincerely thank all the scientists, researchers, SlideShare followers and curious minds who have supported the site this year. We will continue to add more compelling and useful content… Read article →

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One spin, one dedicated kit – selection wheels make it possible

It can be a real struggle sometimes to find and select the right isolation kit, whether it is for RNA or genomic DNA (gDNA) purification. Not using the right kit for your experiments has major consequences, however – the impact could be as severe as not being able to publish your results. Or worse, finding that other researchers were able… Read article →


QIAcube – Your most dependable companion in the lab!

Ever since I stepped into the lab, it became evident to me that sample purification holds vital importance, significantly contributing to the success of one’s research. The process of nucleic acid extraction and purification was once considered to be complicated, time-consuming, labor-intensive and limited, in terms of overall throughput. With today’s introduction of unique purification… Read article →