NGS Pre-Analytics


Crossing organ boundaries with NGS to enable precision medicine

The concept of precision medicine represents a paradigm shift in our understanding of diseases and our approach to disease management. The core pillar of the precision medicine concept is the ability “to take into account individual variability in genes” (1) to tailor therapies based on certain genetic changes, such as germline and somatic mutations, that are… Read article →


Infographic on NGS clinical research milestones

DNA mutations have been implicated in several diseases, particularly cancer, and NGS presents an ideal technology to efficiently profile the multitude of mutations in a high-throughput manner. In 2001 the first draft of human genome was published. Since then many major milestones have been achieved. Do you know when PIK3CA mutations were identified in colon cancer?… Read article →


A needle prick can reveal a lot more today: a view on liquid biopsy and next-generation sequencing

Liquid biopsy is traditionally defined as a non-invasive blood test that detects circulating tumor cells or cell-free DNA (cfDNA) released by tumors into the bloodstream (1). Liquid biopsy enables clinicians to characterize tumors frequently over a long period of time without the need for tissue biopsy. The critical question that often comes up is the… Read article →