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QIAGEN launches targeted RNA panels for digital RNA sequencing

Sample to Insight workflows deliver more efficient, accurate gene expression profiling On Monday, we announced the upcoming launch of QIAGEN’s new QIAseq Targeted RNA Panels for digital RNA sequencing. Today, we officially roll out more than 170 new targeted RNA panels for digital RNAseq that allows researchers to accurately quantify transcripts at single copy resolution…. Read article →


Digital RNAseq: a new strategy for accurate gene expression analysis by RNA sequencing

QIAGEN is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the QIAseq Targeted RNA Panels for quantitative gene expression profiling using RNAseq. The panels use digital RNA sequencing strategies to overcome key bottlenecks in RNA sequencing. What are these key bottlenecks? How do digital RNA sequencing strategies help to overcome them? Find out from the developers… Read article →


Join us in Orlando for AGBT 2016!

It may be winter in the northern hemisphere, but next week’s forecast is sunny and pleasant for Orlando, Florida. Come and join QIAGEN at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference, from February 10–13 at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes! Our workshop on 2/11 will feature a talk from Dr. Chris Mason of Weill Cornell… Read article →


NGS in clinical research

On Jan 19th, about 150 of us listened to a great talk presented by Dr. Birgit Funke titled, “NGS in the clinic – a review of its impact on test development, operations and result reporting.” The talk covered the current status of NGS in clinics, factors one should consider when you are thinking of bringing NGS… Read article →