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Dive into the QIAseq universe – introducing new QIAseq NGS portfolio

QIAGEN is making great strides towards improving your options in NGS library prep technology.  To explore the complete QIAseq NGS portfolio, download our most recent NGS launch flyer, “Exploring new frontiers with next-generation sequencing,” here! Here at QIAGEN, we take immense pride in developing innovative technologies and high-quality products to offer our customers a streamlined,… Read article →


How fast is your amplicon library prep?

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology has fundamentally changed genomic research and now is entering the realm of routine diagnostics. Targeted resequencing, or amplicon sequencing, where selected regions of the genome are enriched prior to library preparation by highly multiplexed PCR, allows researchers to focus sequencing power on specific genes or regions of interest, and is often… Read article →


Digital DNA and RNA sequencing technology – recent advances in QIAGEN’s QIAseq portfolio

Trained as a scientist with years of hands-on experience working in labs, I am always fascinated by advances in new technology and curious about their applications in various research fields. Next-generation sequencing is especially interesting, not only because of its unprecedented sensitivity, high-throughput capacity and the wealth of data it generates, but also due to its… Read article →