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Emerging roles of competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA)

If you have been following our blog posts about microRNA (miRNA) – or if you have been studying the microRNA world – you are likely familiar with the small 22-nucleotide RNAs that target messenger RNAs (mRNAs) to repress their translation into protein. The ceRNA hypothesis In 2011, Pier Paolo Pandolfi research lab proposed the hypothesis… Read article →


Cannabis epigenetic control of skin differentiation genes

Did you know that there is a “Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum” located in Amsterdam, Netherlands? Dedicated to education and scientific studies, this world-famous museum has received more than 2 million visitors since 1985. Despite its controversial uses and long banning histories, cannabis (commonly referred to as marijuana) and its chemical derivatives have been found… Read article →


New tool for successful end-point multiplex PCR

The multiplex PCR method was first described in 1988 as a method to detect deletions in the dystrophin gene (1). Using this method, you can amplify several DNA fragments within one reaction – enabling you to increase the throughput, saving time and money by reducing the number of reactions needed to test or screen your… Read article →