Single Cell Analysis


Top 9 FAQs in single cell analysis

In the last decade, single cell technologies have drastically transformed various research fields. Single cell technology is enabling many new insights into diverse research areas, from oncology, immunology and microbiology to neuroscience, stem cell and developmental biology. It was no surprise when single-cell sequencing was selected as the “Method of the Year in 2013” by… Read article →


Revealing the etiology of an avian disease

Runting-stunting syndrome (RSS), also known as malabsorption syndrome, is an infectious poultry disease affecting the intestinal tract of broilers at a very young age. RSS leads to retarded growth, feathering abnormality, diarrhea and other enteric problems, resulting in significant economic losses in the poultry industry. A number of studies have implicated RNA and DNA viruses as… Read article →


Application of single cell technology in genome editing

The development and widespread adoption of new genome editing techniques in basic and clinical research have yielded an impressive number of success stories and hold great promise for the treatment of diseases with a genetic component, gene therapy and synthetic biology. In particular, the recent explosion in genome editing due to CRISPR-Cas and similar systems… Read article →