Single Cell Analysis


The Bioscientist Webinar Festival – a pool of educational content

Here at QIAGEN, one of our main aims is to provide you with excellent, actionable resources that will support you in your research and experiments. As a result, we create content on a regular basis that can help you gain insights into important topics of scientific and specialized interest. As part of this ongoing effort,… Read article →


See the brain through a single cell

In our new monthly series, “Single Cell Insights,” we explore how single cell genomic and transcriptomic analysis can enable us to make new strides in different research fields. This month, we will delve into the field of brain and neurology research. In brain and nervous system research, understanding cell function and signaling pathways relies on… Read article →


The key to a deeper understanding of cancer – single cell genomics

Three hundred years ago, the father of microbiology, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, observed single-celled organisms for the first time. Three hundred years later, advances in next-generation sequencing (NGS) and whole genome amplification (WGA) technologies now enable us to decode the genetic differences between single cells. This ability has tremendous implications for the field of cancer research. Nowadays we… Read article →