Novel uses of the microbiome in forensic genetics: an interview with Celia Díez López

As a part of our microbiome research interview series, we spoke with Ms. Celia Díez López, a Ph.D. candidate from the Department of Genetic Identification, Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Ms. Díez López is conducting research to identify novel uses of the human microbiome and other non-human components in forensic genetics. How did you… Read article →

Meet the Microbiome Researcher: Paula Lado

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere and tick season is upon us. While for many, this comes with no small amount of concern for tick-borne diseases, for Paula Lado tick season means opportunity. Her subjects are active again and her studies on ticks as vectors for infection turn to field work, approaching them where… Read article →


Your top 5 digital PCR questions – answered!

Whether it’s an alien concept or a familiar technology, researchers often find themselves asking these questions about digital PCR – What is it? When and why to use it? How does it compare to qPCR? We have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, from principle to workflow and applications.   What… Read article →