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QIAcube Connect quiz: Play to learn about automated sample processing and get a chance to win our brand-new QIAcube Connect!

QIAGEN spin columns are the gold standard for nucleic acid extraction and purification. Many research labs, however, are challenged by the number and variability of samples that need to be processed. QIAcube Connect, the next generation of the widely used QIAcube, offers automation for over 80 QIAGEN kits with up to 12 samples per run…. Read article →


Navigating justice for sexual assault survivors

Investigating and prosecuting sexual assault crimes is much more challenging than merely performing DNA testing [1]. Moreover, a vast majority of perpetrators of sexual violence walk away scot-free, either because of a large number of unreported cases [2] or, if reported, evidential material frequently spends years waiting for processing in laboratory backlogs. Even when processed,… Read article →

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Accelerate molecular research at AACR 2019

Organized by the American Association for Cancer Research, the AACR Annual Meeting 2019 is an immense gathering of the world’s most renowned oncologists and medical professionals excelling in every aspect of cancer sciences and research – and it’s approaching rapidly. As cancer is a highly complex disease, understanding the various alterations that together determine disease… Read article →

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QIAcube Connect – redefining automated sample processing for increased confidence in valuable insights

Almost 12 years ago, on January 29, 2007 to be precise, QIAGEN unveiled the revolutionary sample processing platform called the QIAcube to be used in any research laboratory throughout the world. The aim of this instrument was to allow a new level of ease in sample processing, to eliminate manual processing steps, automate QIAGEN spin-column prep… Read article →