Download the white paper – challenges in profiling microRNA from blood

Wherever you look in the literature these days, someone’s talking about blood. Serum and plasma are keys to liquid biopsy, containing biomarkers from everything from cancer to Alzheimer’s. Blood markers indicate the effectiveness of treatments for autoimmune diseases and more. Circulating microRNAs in serum/plasma and in blood cells are keys to understanding disease. So microRNAs in the serum and plasma… Read article →


NGS in clinical research

On Jan 19th, about 150 of us listened to a great talk presented by Dr. Birgit Funke titled, “NGS in the clinic – a review of its impact on test development, operations and result reporting.” The talk covered the current status of NGS in clinics, factors one should consider when you are thinking of bringing NGS… Read article →


A blossoming field of study – microRNA regulation in plants

Animals aren’t the only living things that use RNA interference to regulate gene expression. RNA interference pathways have been described in fungi, and bona fide microRNAs have been observed in viruses and plants. In recent years, our knowledge about plant microRNAs has exploded, leading to greater understanding of how pathways from development to immunity are… Read article →