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Analyzing fragmentation footprints in cell-free DNA

In the field of liquid biopsy, one of the challenges is identifying the cellular source of biological material. For example, current methods for analyzing circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) rely upon genetic differences to distinguish ctDNA from cell-free DNA (cfDNA) released by normal cells. Because ctDNA represents only a small fraction of total circulating DNA, tumor-specific… Read article →


Hidden scars on the heart, revealed by microRNA

Here in the United States, our annual holiday celebrating romantic love is right around the corner. Whatever one’s opinion is about Valentine’s Day – overcommercialized and overrated, a sweet time to show appreciation, or just another day on the calendar – one can’t avoid the ubiquitous heart symbols in the shops. So in this heart-suffused… Read article →


Download the white paper – challenges in profiling microRNA from blood

Wherever you look in the literature these days, someone’s talking about blood. Serum and plasma are keys to liquid biopsy, containing biomarkers from everything from cancer to Alzheimer’s. Blood markers indicate the effectiveness of treatments for autoimmune diseases and more. Circulating microRNAs in serum/plasma and in blood cells are keys to understanding disease. So microRNAs in the serum and plasma… Read article →