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Download the white paper – challenges in profiling microRNA from blood

Wherever you look in the literature these days, someone’s talking about blood. Serum and plasma are keys to liquid biopsy, containing biomarkers from everything from cancer to Alzheimer’s. Blood markers indicate the effectiveness of treatments for autoimmune diseases and more. Circulating microRNAs in serum/plasma and in blood cells are keys to understanding disease. So microRNAs in the serum and plasma… Read article →


Is ultracentrifugation still the gold standard for exosome isolation?

There’s a new, proven method that may be knocking ultracentrifugation from its perch. Liquid biopsies and biomarker research depend on reliable access to exosomes and other extracellular vesicles (EVs), but standard ultracentrifugation-based protocols are laborious and don’t yield standardized results. Traditional ultracentrifugation-based protocols to isolate EVs are labor-intensive and subject to significant variability. Various attempts to… Read article →


Could microRNAs be potential biomarkers for autism?

The attention in recent years surrounding the falsified Andrew Wakefield study and the decline in vaccinations that it has wrought has to some extent overshadowed the news of real research on autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Discovering the molecular basis of ASD remains an ongoing area of interest, with genetic and epigenetic factors implicated in addition to potential… Read article →