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Webinar takeaways – “Accurate DNA Methylation Analysis by Successful Bisulfite Conversion”

DNA methylation is widely recognized as a major player regulating normal gene expression and facilitating chromatin organization within cells. Research into abnormal DNA methylation that leads to human diseases like cancer could therefore provide valuable insights for disease development diagnosis and potential therapies. DNA is made up of 4 nucleotides – cytosine, guanine, thymine and… Read article →


Back to the future – 30 years of plasmid purification

What would happen if we traveled 30 years back in a QIAGEN time machine? In 1986, it all started with the first QIAGEN kit for plasmid purification, giving scientists all over the world a revolutionary alternative to anion-exchange and phenol chloroform extraction. But back then, would we have believed that plasmid purification kits would become… Read article →


NGS live webinar: an innovative large cohort study for breast cancer risk – sequencing 60,000 samples

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is being utilized for numerous new and exciting applications. One application includes analyzing the genetic variants of targeted genes that are associated with cancer development to assess cancer risk. Targeted DNA sequencing with a focused set of genes is a powerful and widely used approach to detect low-frequency variants. However, researchers using… Read article →


What are the keys to successful bisulfite conversion?

Bisulfite conversion is the most popular method for DNA methylation analysis and the most convenient and effective way to map DNA methylation to individual bases. Yet there are many things to consider in order for you to get reliable results. In particular, the bisulfite treatment of DNA and the resulting conversion of unmethylated cytosines to… Read article →