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Infographic: 5 tips for better qRT-PCR results

Market research shows that 66.6% of researchers use qRT-PCR for gene expression profiling. The popularity of this technique speaks to its effectiveness for detecting messenger RNA levels, but qRT-PCR can still be prone to pitfalls that sometimes lead to disappointing results. To help you improve your experiments, we’ve made a new infographic with interesting facts… Read article →


Infographic: Achieve improved variant detection in single cell sequencing

High sequencing depth may increase the sensitivity of variant detection for bulk samples, but it has not proven appropriate for single cell sequencing. What’s more, it makes whole genome sequencing prohibitively expensive. For variant detection in rare cells, such as circulating tumor cells, Zhang et al. recently presented a brilliant way to overcome these challenges:… Read article →


Infographic on NGS clinical research milestones

DNA mutations have been implicated in several diseases, particularly cancer, and NGS presents an ideal technology to efficiently profile the multitude of mutations in a high-throughput manner. In 2001 the first draft of human genome was published. Since then many major milestones have been achieved. Do you know when PIK3CA mutations were identified in colon cancer?… Read article →