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See the brain through a single cell

In our new monthly series, “Single Cell Insights,” we explore how single cell genomic and transcriptomic analysis can enable us to make new strides in different research fields. This month, we will delve into the field of brain and neurology research. In brain and nervous system research, understanding cell function and signaling pathways relies on… Read article →

ILLU_0229_GG_Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis: hunting for new RNA markers in blood

Multiple sclerosis (MS), a rare and chronic central nervous system disorder resulting from autoimmunity, occasionally steps into the public eye when it strikes a well-known person (such as in 1999, when talk show host Montel Williams revealed his diagnosis). In neuroscience and immunology laboratories, however, the disease is always a major topic of investigation. Researchers… Read article →

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Neurodegeneration: role of noncoding RNA in molecular mechanisms

Neurodegeneration is characterized by cumulative dysfunction and death of cells in selected areas of the nervous system. Neurodegenerative disorders typically present in old age with symptoms related to movement and cognition. The greatest burden of disease in the US, by number of individuals affected, is caused by Alzheimer’s disease (AD) (1). Characteristics of AD include… Read article →


Migraine: finding ways to ease the pain

Migraine. If you’ve had one, or know someone who does, just the word can make you wince. More than 10% of people worldwide suffer from migraine headaches, and while some effective treatments exist, there’s still no definitive way to treat migraines because we don’t yet fully understand why they happen. (1) Some researchers believe that… Read article →