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Could microRNAs be potential biomarkers for autism?

The attention in recent years surrounding the falsified Andrew Wakefield study and the decline in vaccinations that it has wrought has to some extent overshadowed the news of real research on autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Discovering the molecular basis of ASD remains an ongoing area of interest, with genetic and epigenetic factors implicated in addition to potential… Read article →

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Brainy exosomes: a novel pool for biomarker discovery in human CSF

Exosomes, endocytic vesicles ranging in size from 40–100nm, have revolutionized the field of cell–cell communication. Although they were first described in the 1980s, detailed analysis of exosome biogenesis, composition and function has occurred primarily within the past decade. The significance of exosomes is enhanced by the fact that exosomes transport packets of cellular information rather… Read article →