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The plasmid purification journey – revisited!

In a previous post, my colleague Laura Mohr dazzled you with her QIAGEN time machine story. She took you on a ride through 30 years of our plasmid prep innovations that paved the way life science research is done globally. Plasmid purification still continues to be a crucial starting point for research in several labs,… Read article →

Plasmid eGuide

Get the most from your plasmids – the eGuide way!

In 1986, the launch of the QIAGEN Plasmid Maxi Purification Kit meant an incredible acceleration in time to result: from 2 days to just 2 hours! Now our 73 QIAGEN Plasmid family members are used worldwide for remarkable research. To help meet the need for easy selection of the correct tool to optimize your plasmid purification… Read article →


Back to the future – 30 years of plasmid purification

What would happen if we traveled 30 years back in a QIAGEN time machine? In 1986, it all started with the first QIAGEN kit for plasmid purification, giving scientists all over the world a revolutionary alternative to anion-exchange and phenol chloroform extraction. But back then, would we have believed that plasmid purification kits would become… Read article →