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Q&A with digital PCR quiz winner, Laurent Starck

We’re happy to announce that Laurent Starck is among the top three scorers of this year’s digital PCR quiz. Laurent is a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry at the University of Freiburg, Germany. A special congratulations to Laurent! How did you first get interested in science and nano neuroscience research? As long… Read article →


Introducing Q-Rex – the king of convenience

New customizable plug-and-play software for the Rotor-Gene Q simplifies workflow and analysis Q-Rex consists of a core software that drives the RGQ hardware. It enables experiment setup, data acquisition and performs basic analyses, plus a suite of plug-ins that expand the capacity of Q-Rex with specific analytical capabilities. It allows you to easily create the… Read article →


In-process controls take your qPCR results to a higher level

But how? “I have used different internal controls in my qPCR experiments, such as GAPDH, beta-2 microglobulin, beta actin, R18S … but which one should I use now in my experiment?” “How can I compare levels of gene expression?” “Are RNA internal controls supplied by QIAGEN? Are they specially dedicated to specific genes or are… Read article →