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Biofluid microRNA profiling

The development of biomarkers will be essential for the future of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive medicine. Diagnostic biomarkers may be used to detect cancer, heart failure, stroke or a number of other diseases. Prognostic biomarkers predict patient outcome, while predictive biomarkers are essential for determining whether a cancer patient will respond to targeted therapy. Unfortunately, the translation… Read article →


Infographic: 5 tips for better qRT-PCR results

Market research shows that 66.6% of researchers use qRT-PCR for gene expression profiling. The popularity of this technique speaks to its effectiveness for detecting messenger RNA levels, but qRT-PCR can still be prone to pitfalls that sometimes lead to disappointing results. To help you improve your experiments, we’ve made a new infographic with interesting facts… Read article →


What enables drug resistance in ER+ breast cancer cells?

Chemoresistance is the bane of cancer therapy. Living things react and adapt to their environments; it would be convenient if cancer cells were the exception, but there are countless examples of a previously effective chemotherapy rendered impotent by a cancer’s adaptation. One of the major challenges in cancer research, then, is to decipher these adaptations… Read article →