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New webinar: The truth about RNA sequencing

As you may have heard, Exiqon, the pioneers of Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA™) technology for RNA research, are now a part of QIAGEN! We’re excited to have them join our Sample to Insight mission to accelerate your discoveries. On September 27, Dr. Hazel Pinheiro of Exiqon will be presenting a 30-minute webinar with everything you need to know about… Read article →


Fusion genes: what, why and how by Raed Samara, Ph.D.

Fusion genes are hybrid genes formed by the fusion of two separate genes. Translocation, interstitial deletion and chromosomal inversions are some of the genetic events that can lead to the formation of fusion genes. The occurrence of fusion genes and its implications in cancer have already been known, but the emergence of NGS technology –… Read article →