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Messengers at the junction of inflammation and cancer: exosomes

The more we learn about exosomes, the more we realize just how powerful they are in cancer. As agents of cell-to-cell communication, exosomes play important roles in tumorigenesis, cancer progression, and metastasis. One of the most interesting areas in which exosomes are exerting their influence is at the interface of cancer and another key process… Read article →


Keep calm, the chaperones are on!

The original nano-machines I was quite excited to hear the announcement that the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to a group of 3 European scientists for developing “nano-machines,” a technological breakthrough which crafted the path for the world’s first smart materials. Sir Fraser Stoddart, Bernard Feringa and Jean-Pierre Sauvage developed the world´s smallest… Read article →


New webinar: The truth about RNA sequencing

As you may have heard, Exiqon, the pioneers of Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA™) technology for RNA research, are now a part of QIAGEN! We’re excited to have them join our Sample to Insight mission to accelerate your discoveries. On September 27, Dr. Hazel Pinheiro of Exiqon will be presenting a 30-minute webinar with everything you need to know about… Read article →