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Single-cell sequencing – how should you construct your libraries?

For the past several decades, due to technical limitations, the field of genomics and transcriptomics has focused on population-level measurements that sometimes ignore the significant differences between individual cells. With advances in whole genome amplification (WGA), whole transcriptome amplification (WTA) and NGS technologies, it is now possible to profile the responses of individual cells at… Read article →


Small RNAs in small samples – what’s the value in single-cell microRNA analysis?

microRNA profiling has revolutionized our understanding of gene regulation. Technological advances are now enabling us to drill down further to the fine details – small RNA sequencing to identify undiscovered microRNAs, for example, preamplification to improve qPCR results from small samples and kits to reveal the small RNA contents of exosomes. Single-cell analysis is an… Read article →


November webinar series feature: Single-cell analysis

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced researcher, our November webinar series on single-cell analysis will offer you a multitude of valuable insights. Cell heterogeneity plays a central role both in normal development and in disease. Single-cell sequencing has become a powerful tool to profile this cell-to-cell variability on a genomic scale. While single-cell genomic… Read article →


October Webinar Feature: Single cell analysis

Do you wonder what you might find if you narrowed your genomic and transcriptomic analyses down to the single-cell level? If you suppressed the noise from ten thousand other cells, what might an individual cell have to say? Single-cell analysis is a burgeoning area of interest, spurred by advances in sequencing technology. Down to the… Read article →