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November webinar series feature: Single-cell analysis

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced researcher, our November webinar series on single-cell analysis will offer you a multitude of valuable insights. Cell heterogeneity plays a central role both in normal development and in disease. Single-cell sequencing has become a powerful tool to profile this cell-to-cell variability on a genomic scale. While single-cell genomic… Read article →


Understanding what factors contribute to variations in quantity of DNA purified from FFPE materials

QIAGEN recently presented a webinar exploring what factors contribute to variations in quantity of DNA purified from FFPE material. As noted in “Top 5 considerations for preparing and archiving FFPE samples,” FFPE is a standard method for long-term preservation of DNA in tissue biopsies. It’s critical to understand how to overcome the challenges that this sample type presents in order… Read article →


October Webinar Feature: Single cell analysis

Do you wonder what you might find if you narrowed your genomic and transcriptomic analyses down to the single-cell level? If you suppressed the noise from ten thousand other cells, what might an individual cell have to say? Single-cell analysis is a burgeoning area of interest, spurred by advances in sequencing technology. Down to the… Read article →