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Dive into the QIAseq universe – introducing new QIAseq NGS portfolio

QIAGEN is making great strides towards improving your options in NGS library prep technology.  To explore the complete QIAseq NGS portfolio, download our most recent NGS launch flyer, “Exploring new frontiers with next-generation sequencing,” here! Here at QIAGEN, we take immense pride in developing innovative technologies and high-quality products to offer our customers a streamlined,… Read article →


3-part NGS series: Overview of NGS technology and innovative library prep

The world of next-generation sequencing is fascinating! With its unprecedented sensitivity and high throughput, NGS enables researchers and clinicians to study genomes in greater depth and understand complex phenotypes and diseases. While NGS technology is evolving and continuously improving, library preparation remains one of the biggest bottlenecks in the NGS workflow. Library preparation usually involves… Read article →


Your top microbiome questions – answered!

Each month, our microbiome team at QIAGEN presents a series of webinars on microbial sample preparation, antibiotic resistance, microbiome research methods and host-pathogen interactions. We zeroed in on our microbiome webinar series to find the most commonly asked questions, and answered them for you. What sample types can I use? Whether you are working with microbial… Read article →


A 4-part webinar series on cfDNA in liquid biopsy

Integrated collection, stabilization and purification for the cfDNA workflow Facing challenges in your circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) analysis? We have everything you need to gain deep insight into cfDNA: a complete and streamlined workflow covering blood sample collection and stabilization, cfDNA isolation, sequencing analysis and data interpretation. Attend the 4-part webinar series to learn about new technologies. See… Read article →


New NGS webinar series! NGS technology essentials

NGS technology essentials – targeted enrichment, fusion gene analysis and library prep Get ready for the next leap forward with new next-generation sequencing technology! Join us for NGS Webinar Week on Oct 3–6! Learn about NGS essentials with our experts. 11 a.m. EDT, 8 a.m. PDT, 4 p.m. GMT, 5 p.m. CEST Part 1: Digital DNA-seq technology:… Read article →