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New advances in long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) research

As a novel class of RNA, long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) plays important roles in gene regulation via a variety of mechanisms. Current research is deepening our understanding of the complex and sometimes contradictory roles of lncRNA. For example, lncRNAs can compete with transcription, but at other times they can support transcription, recruiting specific epigenetic factors… Read article →

gDNA isolation

What are the top factors in successful gDNA isolation and quality control?

The quality of extracted genomic DNA (gDNA) is a critical factor in numerous downstream applications, such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) and real-time PCR. gDNA isolation from certain sample types can be challenging, though, and getting back to the basics of purification and quality control can help us understand how to best approach these challenges. QIAGEN’s… Read article →


February webinar series: Single-cell technology overview, challenges, solutions and analysis

Do you need to refine your analysis down to the single cell level? Beginning with the genome of a single cell, you can discover new biomarkers by identifying new genetic variants and their association with specific diseases. In February, our single cell team will present a 2-part webinar series covering the basics of single-cell analysis. We’ll provide… Read article →


Digital RNAseq: a new strategy for accurate gene expression analysis by RNA sequencing

QIAGEN is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the QIAseq Targeted RNA Panels for quantitative gene expression profiling using RNAseq. The panels use digital RNA sequencing strategies to overcome key bottlenecks in RNA sequencing. What are these key bottlenecks? How do digital RNA sequencing strategies help to overcome them? Find out from the developers… Read article →


New webinar series – “NGS in clinical research”

Are you working on or planning to work on implementing next-generation sequencing (NGS) in a clinical research setting? If so, then this webinar series is for you. Register today! NGS experts from across the globe (US, UK, Japan) will discuss the challenges associated with establishing NGS in clinical research settings and share best practices. In addition… Read article →